A blind-spot monitor is a fairly new, active safety feature that monitors your car's blind spots while you're on the road. It comes in handy during daily drives through Schaumburg, especially when rush hour on the highway makes changing lanes more challenging than usual. Here's how a blind-spot monitor works.

Blind-Spot Monitor 101

Depending on the automaker, a blind-spot monitor can consist of cameras, sensors, radars or lasers. Some even contain one or more of these components. The components work together, keeping track of vehicles that enter your blind spots.

Blind-Spot Alerts

When a vehicle enters your blind spot, the monitor alerts you with either flashing lights in your sideview or rearview, an audible alert or seat vibrations. Armed with this info, you can make more timely, safer lane-change decisions.

Standard or Optional?

It's still true that blind-spot monitors come packaged in bundles with other safety options. However, this very important feature is popping up everywhere as a standard safety feature on all trims.

Try out a blind-spot monitor for yourself with a test drive at our Napleton's Schaumburg Mazda today. We look forward to meeting you.


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