Although a car battery is a very powerful component, it can't provide any perks without an alternator. Both parts must work together in order to power key automotive systems and devices.

When early cars were designed, many engineers called an alternator a generator because it supplies power to equipment that requires electricity. A car battery functions differently since it's connected to the starter motor. Each time you turn the ignition switch, energy moves to the start motor from the battery and gasoline helps power the engine. The alternator keeps a battery charged as a vehicle travels around town. An alternator also powers all of the electronics that are wired to the main electrical system in the cabin.

Napleton's Schaumburg Mazda provides professional maintenance services for alternators, batteries, and other vital automotive components. We work on electrical systems for new and used cars. Our alternator maintenance techniques are very efficient, and they can prevent a breakdown during a long road trip.



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