In many areas of the U.S., thermometers are starting to register increasingly low temperatures. As winter weather begins to roll in to Schaumburg, IL, it brings along with it many hazards that affect drivers. As such, when winter drivers enter their vehicles and turn their keys, it is of vital importance that their engines actually start.

Vehicle starters and the systems that support them are central to the engine starting process. When any one of these components begin to fail, they can cause hard-starting or even complete engine failure. If this happens during very cold weather, the results can be dangerous.

Thankfully, drivers who give their starter systems pre-season checks can often escape such consequences. As drivers check their starter systems, they should look out for obvious signs of damage and also for any oily residue. Oil stains on starters and starter components can indicate leaks in the car engines themselves. Plus, worn out starters can affect mechanical components and cause starting issues.


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