A Look at the Technology Features of the Mazda CX-5

If the Mazda CX-5 is on your list of potential purchases, you will be pleased to know it is a popular crossover SUV with much to offer consumers. At Napleton's Schaumburg Mazda consumers, we take pride in keeping our customers informed about our models, so you can read further to learn about a few technology features that come with the CX-5.

The CX-5 comes with the Mazda Connect infotainment system. This infotainment system features a seven-inch full-color display that is user-friendly. It supports many functions, which include Apple CarPlay. With Apple CarPlay, you can access your favorite music and apps from your iPhone.

Another technology feature that comes with the CX-5 is Active Driving Display. This feature can display vehicle data on the windshield of the vehicle so that you have less distraction and can focus on driving. You can choose to see vehicle stats, safety system warnings, route guidance, and more with Active Driving Display.



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