Technology Features of the Mazda6

Sleek and exciting, the Mazda6 is a popular midsize sedan that packs plenty of technology into its innovative design. When it's time to find a parking place, the Mazda6 is ready with an array of sensors and cameras to provide a 360-degree view of your surroundings so you never have to worry about unseen obstructions. These sensors help in other ways, from warning the driver that an impact is imminent to governing the performance of the stop and go cruise control system, which can keep level with surrounding traffic by accelerating and braking on its own.

Customize the information your Mazda6 gives you with a digital gauge display that can provide a diagnostic readout or project your speed up onto the windshield so you can always see it as you're driving. Test drive the Mazda6 today at Napleton's Schaumburg Mazda. We'll reserve a time for you and be on hand to answer any of your questions about its technology features.



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