The Modern Design of the Mazda3 Sedan

The best way to make an impression in the car industry is to stand out. The Mazda3 sedan does just that with its all-new modern aesthetic. You will struggle to find a bad angle of the Mazda3 sedan, as every line was designed with a purpose. Our team loves how luxurious the Mazda3 looks.

The Mazda3 has a refined design language that starts on the exterior but continues into the cabin. The craftsmanship on the interior is next to none in the Mazda3's class. The Mazda3 gives you the sense that the interior was put together by hand. It perfectly blends technology with a modern aesthetic. There is minimal use of buttons throughout the interior and there is a minimalist design throughout the car. The sleek lines on the exterior of the Mazda3 give it a sense of momentum, even when at rest. It perfectly refracts sunlight to give it shine on every angle.

The best way to experience the Mazda3 is by taking one for a test drive at Napleton's Schaumburg Mazda. We know you will be impressed with the overall build quality found inside of the Mazda3.



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