Making Sure You're Ready for a Flat Tire

No matter how advance our tire technology can be, a flat tire is bound to happen. This is why replacing a flat tire is a skill worth learning. However, you don't need to be left stranded alone, waiting for a tow truck or professional service. Changing a tire may seem intimidating, but the basics are simple and easy.

To change a flat tire, the tools you'll need are: a spare tire, a car jack, a lug wrench. Having your car owner's manual can help you make sure to put the car jack in the right place. Before you start, try to get to a safe place, and then begin the process of removing the hubcap, wheel nuts, lifting the car until the wheel is entirely off the ground, and replacing the flat tire with a spare one.

If you're missing the right tools or need more assistance changing your tire, our Napleton's Schaumburg Mazda service center can assist you. Please visit us in Schaumburg, IL for your tire needs.

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